Tips for Staying Healthy During International Travel

September 26, 2019 | 


Event professionals are constantly traveling. Whether you are a corporate high-flier racking up Air Miles, or a first-time traveler attending an event just over the border, chances are you’ve got an international work trip planned in the next year. Statistics show that most people enjoy travelling — and business travel continues to increase.

In an effort to make sure that the changed environments and routines inherent with travel don't take an excessive physical toll, here are six top tips for you and
your delegates for staying healthy when working away from home. 

1. Sort out and prioritize your sleep

We get it: no one wants to miss out. But before you join your team in the bar for what could be a late night, set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to prioritize sleep. A poor night’s sleep immediately affects your cognitive abilities.

Once up
in your room, it’s great practice to put your phone and laptop away and spend
some time doing relaxing, grounding activities to power down the mind before

If you’ve
crossed a few time zones, it can be valuable to prepare in advance and think
about some sleep adjustment to minimize jet lag.

2. Keep to an exercise routine

Many times, those with regular exercise plans will find they immediately go out the window as soon as you’re away from your home environment. Rather than live with guilt for not making use of the hotel swimming pool or for snoozing the alarm instead of going for a run, create a simple routine which you can complete wherever you are in the world.

Using bodyweight only, you can carry out fantastic mini workouts including push-ups, squats, and planks right in your hotel room. There are plenty of quick tutorials via YouTube video, Amazon Alexa skill, or smartphone apps that can provide short workouts. 

conference-wide yoga sessions, “walk and network” and fun runs can be a win for
both you and your delegates. 

If time permits, stretch your legs and explore the local area foregoing the Uber or Metro in favour of walking.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

Although of course airport security is strict regarding liquids, you shouldn’t be. Take a large, empty bottle through check-in, then ask a restaurant by the gates to fill it up with tap water. If you’re offered drinks while travelling, bear in mind that coffee and alcohol can dehydrate you — more so than ever at altitude where the air is dry. 

Air conditioning can dry skin and hair out too, leaving you feeling itchy. Take a small bottle of all-purpose moisturizer or oil to keep hydrated.

4. Eat regular meals

It’s tempting to graze on airplane snacks or live off fast food or take outs, but try to ensure your food intake is similar when travelling to what it is when you’re at home. Permanently snacking? Take some individually wrapped high protein bars with you (forego the easily damaged bananas). Sticking to a specific diet? Research ahead which local restaurants that will cook you up that perfect vegan main dish.

5. Take care of your mental health

Fly Aeolus found that 30% of those who fly for business do so once a month, meaning they could be away from home around a quarter of the time. International work is, therefore, becoming part of many event professional's lifestyle. 

All of the above tips are key for mental health, of course, but there are additional exercises you can undertake to keep your mental health robust. Try mindfulness or meditation routines. Stay connected to loved ones via Facetime call or WhatsApp voice note. Make sure you always have some time in the day dedicated to fulfilling your own wants and needs.

6. Look into worldwide health insurance

Every country has slightly different health provisions and this is not something
anyone want to be diving into the fine print of if they were to fall ill when
abroad. Make sure any travel insurance provision you have or plan to obtain
covers not only the country being visited but also any activities being

It’s worth it to verify if travel medical health insurance is offered as an add-on
with any current policies as part of your work package or credit cards.

Hopefully these tips will help you to look after yourself when on the road. Happy business traveling! 

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