The Importance of Living Wages

September 21, 2022 | 


Providing Employees Certainty and Confidence


To be a leader within our industry, the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre (CTCC) believes it is essential that our team is lifted up every day when they come to work – we strive to create not only a safe and inclusive workplace, but we also provide all employees with a living wage.


As defined by the Alberta Living Wage Network, a living wage stems from the

belief that individuals and families should be able to live with dignity, certainty, and confidence, no matter their occupation. Such a wage allows a family to eat healthier food, regularly purchase new clothes and footwear, spend free time together, and save for the future.


The living wage in Calgary is set at $18.60 per hour, which is calculated based on the needs of a two-parent family with two young children, assuming both adults are working full time and receiving government child support. The living wage factors in all the needs of a family, including healthcare, clothing, shelter, transportation, childcare, tuition, communications, other household costs, and allows for unexpected bills, too.


At the CTCC, we’re delighted to have recently become an Alberta Living Wage Network certified Living Wage Employer, meaning all of our employees – both full time and casual – are making a living wage.


Paying a Living Wage – the right thing to do!


Every day we create experiences that encourage communities to connect, share, celebrate and grow. To be successful at meeting our client needs we must first ensure that our employees are empowered to be successful. Providing a living wage is a commitment we are proud to support. Frankly - it is the right thing to do!


Along with being a Living Wage Employer we recently were accredited as a Rainbow Registered business which is another step we have taken to ensure our employees feel safe and welcomed when they come to work at the CTCC.


Adopting a living wage policy is just one of many to consider as part of our overall commitment to our team. Here at the CTCC we value the dedication and hard work of all our employees – our success is because of them. You can find more information, and start your application process here: