Three Reasons You Need to Book an Out-of-Office Meeting

July 21, 2022 | 


Collaboration and idea generation are two of the cornerstones of any successful business, or can form the momentum of a convention or conference you may be planning. Virtual meetings and work-at-home orders thanks to COVID-19 may have stunted brainstorming sessions temporarily – but now it’s time to get Back to Real and motivate your team in exciting new ways!

If you’re looking for a space for your team or your attendees to ideate freely, then the CTCC has many options. Here are some of the perks of booking with us:

1. Inspire Your Team

An apple falling from a tree once led to one of the most significant advances in mathematics – small details can inspire big ideas.

In recent years, there have been many innovations to help maximize creativity and collaboration in the workplace, such as choosing unusual furniture and furniture arrangements that encourage teams to sit and interact in ways that challenge preestablished power dynamics, or using background sounds or music to subtly create a mood and provoke subconscious thought. The CTCC’s meeting-oriented facilities incorporate the latest technology and spatial design to create these kinds of engaging and responsive environments that provoke ingenuity.

If you’ve been finding your own office a little monotonous lately, escaping those four walls even for an afternoon can give you the chance to look at your work with different eyes. A change of location is a great way to start thinking outside the box, and can facilitate team bonding.

Some of Calgary’s favorites include:

  • The Colab – As the name suggests, collaboration is the cornerstone in this room. With a range of unique, customizable furniture, and an encompassing tech suite to facilitate the flow of ideas, your team can interact and create without restriction.
  • Ideation Centre – A hub of four rooms set aside from the hustle and bustle of larger events, your team can divide into subgroups and challenge themselves to think bigger, bolder, and brighter thanks to the offbeat colorful furnishings.
  • The Glen Rooms – The Glen Rooms take your meetings to the next level. Located on the top floor of our facility, this spacious area is bright and airy, with large windows, multiple rooms and customizable space. In summer, we can even open up the patio, allowing you to find inspiration looking out over the Calgary downtown core.

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2. Take Advantage of the Amenities

The CTCC regularly hosts conventions and conferences for up to 4,000 people. We can apply that same level of expert service to fully accommodate your team, whether you’re a startup of five, a mid-sized business of fifty, or a national company of five hundred.

One of the benefits of operating a 122,000 sq. ft. facility is that we have the space for plenty of amenities that a conventional office has no room for. From our expert team of caterers providing everything from healthy snacks to decadent banquets, our event management and support team ready to plan every detail for you, and even a Business Services Centre filled with office supplies, we’re ready to provide for you on every level – leaving you free to focus on brainstorming and collaboration.

Book a meeting space at the CTCC, and take advantage of:

  • Catering – We are proud partners with the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel, and their award-winning culinary team can conjure up whatever you’re seeking, from charcuterie platters, breakfast spreads, or steak dinners– get creative, and put them to the test!
  • Audio Visual – Another of our expert partners, Encore, ensures every room in the CTCC is replete with flawless audiovisual and event technology integration. Thanks to their efforts, your team and your clients will leave informed and inspired.
  • Wi-Fi and Connectivity – TELUS is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Canada, so it’s no surprise that the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre leads the way in connectivity. Our exclusive and dedicated 1,000 Mbps connection can handle even the highest data demands.
  • Business Services – In case you forgot something, or an idea strikes you, our Business Services Centre offers office supplies and stationery, scanning and faxing, printing and copying, binding and kit assembly, presentation and meeting supplies, and computer media.
  • Patio – Looking out over vibrant downtown Calgary for inspiration, our patio offers the perfect venue for memorable outdoor meetings, the ideal environment for a unique pitch, or even the chance for a gathering under the sun with some refreshments after a hard day’s work.
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3. Impress the Client

Impressions matter – with the right backdrop behind your presentation, or a well-dined executive in a better mood, hosting a meeting at the CTCC can give you the extra edge you need to seal the deal.

Hosting an important client for a crucial meeting can be extremely stressful, no matter who you are. A broken coffee machine or network troubles can reflect poorly on your entire organization. Booking a meeting with the CTCC lets you focus on the things that matter – yourself, your meeting, and your client. Let us worry about the background details.

Beyond our modern, stylish, and unconventional Centre – did you know that 60% of the ceiling installation in Macleod Hall is derived from recycled plastic bottles? – offering you an impressive and immersive environment to greet your clients, downtown Calgary itself awaits just outside our doors. If things aren’t going great – take a break! Step out onto vibrant Stephen Avenue, explore the bars and restaurants there, and come back refreshed and relaxed.

Book Your Space Today

These are just three reasons to step outside of your office space and take a chance on something new. Whatever you’re thinking of, whatever the scale, our team of event professionals are waiting to help make your experience seamless and rewarding. Reach out today, and let’s find the perfect space for you!