Eight advantages of hosting events from virtual studios

February 26, 2021 | 



Virtual studios are great resources to broadcast high-quality and well-produced virtual events.

When planning a digital event, the question some planners and organizations ask themselves is: why host my event from a virtual studio instead of producing it in-house using an online platform?

See it for yourself. Here are 8 advantages virtual studios offer for the organizer when it comes to delivering high production-value experiences.

  1.  Technical support

No matter how much planning goes into an event, technical issues can still occur unexpectedly.

Having an expert team onsite ready to trouble shoot in case of a glitch is extremely important. The sooner you can get things under control, the better.

  1. Production support

Virtual Studios offer the guidance of specialized in-house production, design and event management teams.

Their expertise provides great value for the planner and can give support in many areas from ideation to production and platform recommendations, content, schedules, training for speakers, engagement solutions, rehearsals and even guidance on monetization opportunities.

  1.  Professional-looking events

One of the main advantages of hosting a virtual or hybrid experience from a studio is the ability to customize the set up for any occasion and type of event.

The right lighting, furnishing, décor, corporate branding and sponsorship elements contribute to setting the tone of the event and elevate the experience for the virtual attendees.

  1.  Secured Internet connection

By now, we probably all have experienced a meeting or event that has been suddenly interrupted because of Internet issues. Connectivity problems not only affect the event delivery, but it can have a big impact in its success.

Virtual venues provide wired and wireless high-speed Internet connectivity and a backup strategy, so the planner can be confident that sessions will run smoothly and without Internet disruptions.

  1. Sound quality

Sound is an area that sometimes is underestimated, but that plays a critical role in executing a great event. This is why studios are equipped with the latest AV technology to meet the needs of each event, including microphones, audio teleconference for broadcasts, speakers, and more.

  1.  No interruptions

When hosting from a virtual studio, you don’t need to worry about disruptions from external factors such as doorbells, kids, colleagues, dogs, etc.

  1.  Live or recorded

Adjusting to the specific goals of each event, virtual studios can be used to pre-record sessions, run a live virtual experience, or a combination of both. Leave it to the experts to take care of the production details.

  1.  Enhanced engagement opportunities

There are endless possibilities to create engagement. The option to set up multiple distanced stages opens up a world of potential for performances and entertainment: you can host a cooking class, plan a yoga session for your employees as part of your town hall, or organize a trivia night to kick off a conference, the sky is the limit.


If you are curious to learn more about virtual studios or are looking for inspiration to design your next virtual event, check out studio page: https://info.calgary-convention.com/hybridvirtual