Earth Month: 5 Sustainability Choices at CTCC

April 21, 2022 | 


After the long wait of the last couple years, it feels great to look forward to a year full of events and excitement in our space. Thinking of the future is nothing new for us, and we don’t just mean a calendar booked up with conferences, meetings, and weddings. For many years, the CTCC has had ongoing sustainability initiatives around our site, and we are proud to contribute to a greener tomorrow for all Calgarians.

Here are some of the ways we make a difference together.

 Recycle Your Old Electronics at CTCC

Did you know? In the last six months, we have recycled 626 lbs. of old electronics!

The metals in electronics – like lithium, gold, cadmium, and nickel – can be recovered and recycled from old equipment. This helps reduce the need for further mining and refinement. So, we’ve set up a blue bin on the lowest floor of the CTCC’s south building, where you can drop off your broken or unwanted electronics for safe processing.

At the same location, there is a battery recycling bin as well – preventing the heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and harmful components of batteries from leaching back into soil and groundwater near landfills. When your batteries have reached the end of their lifespan, drop them off with us instead. We accept all kinds and will process them according to their specific needs.

 Marriott Food Sustainability & Environmental Considerations

Did you know? The Marriott sources products from local farmers and suppliers as much as possible, reducing travel time and thus carbon emissions.

Connected to the CTCC through the +15 network, the Downtown Marriott Hotel is our food and beverage partner of choice with an award-winning culinary team. On top of that, they are a leader in food sustainability practices and initiatives to cut down on food waste in the industry.

As part of these practices, they challenge suppliers to use FSC-certified take-out containers. Plastic straws have already been eliminated, and compostable coffee cups and cutlery packaging are in place as well. Plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, organic waste, and even used fryer oil is all recycled through various partnerships. This is part of a wider push by Marriott Hotels International Inc. to lessen waste and approach catering and cooking from a more sustainable angle.

 Rooftop Solar Panels on Exhibition Hall

Did you know? Our solar panels on Exhibition Hall generate enough energy to power 2 entire households for a year and offset emissions by about 11 tonnes.

Calgary receives a lot of sunshine – more than any other major Canadian city. Installing solar panels is an excellent way to make use of this free, renewable energy source. In 2012, the CTCC placed an array on the roof of Exhibition Hall in the north building, reducing the draw on fossil fuels by more than 10,000 kWh per year.

Wind-Powered Public Transport Options

Did you know? Calgary’s C-Train is one of only a few public transit systems in North America that is registered with the ISO 14001.

This designation is for organizations that minimize the impact of services on the environment. Since the C-Train is 100 per cent powered by renewable wind energy, it meets those exacting standards and helps prevent more than 50,000 tonnes of emissions from reaching the air each year. This is in addition to the extensive bike and walking paths that go through downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The CTCC sits directly on the C-Train line, at the Centre St. stop downtown near many major attractions and amenities. Attendees can easily reach the Centre and anywhere around it without having to drive at all, saving additional emission waste.

 Environmentally Sustainable Wall and Ceiling Materials

Did you know? Up to 60% of the entire ceiling installation in Macleod Hall is derived from recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles.

If you’ve ever been in Macleod Hall, you’ve likely noticed the exceptional design considerations across the entire space – including that of the feature wall. But the wall has an even bigger purpose: it is made of felt, a renewable and biodegradable material that absorbs sound waves (aiding in sound control) and does not contribute toxic materials during its manufacture or disposal.

Additionally, the ceiling installation in Macleod Hall is composed of a fully recyclable and globally recognized type of plastic known as PET plastic. It is safe and non-toxic, with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and sustainable sourcing.

 The Future of Events at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

These are just a few of the ongoing sustainability choices that the CTCC has made, but they are simply the foundation of more to come. Possibilities and technology are always changing, and we continue to look for innovative new ways to reduce our footprint and make our presence better for the environment. We look forward to going further on this journey together with our community and key partners.